Swift Ranch

Bear Creek Ranch is a 600 acre ranch nestled at the end of Clark Valley Road in between Los Osos and San Luis Obispo. We specialize in subtropical fruits, heirloom vegetables, and grass-fed beef. We use a holistic grazing strategy to manage our herd of forty longhorn-angus cross cattle. Through rotational grazing we strive to create healthy native grasslands and oak woodlands. Our goals are sustainability, biodiversity, promoting native grasses, and overall health of our land.


Skyhouse Vacation Rental Los Osos, California

Skyhouse Vacation Rental

On the hilltop of Bear Creek Ranch, located at the end of Clark Valley Rd in Los Osos California, is a space to relax, walk along the ridgeline, sit by the fireplace, swim, cook, find clarity, gather with family and friends or simply get away.

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Bear Creek Ranch Organic Grass Fed Beef

Organic Grass Fed Beef

We practice planned/rotational grazing, mimicking wild herds, to heal our hilsides, build topsoil, sequester carbon, prevent erosion and facilitate the rehabilitation of perennial grasses.

Swift Subtropicals Organic Fruit

Swift Subtropicals Organic Fruit

Organic Grower of delicious tasting exotic crops. The ranch utilizes sophisticated cropping patterns with efficient drip irrigation, diverse cover crops and organic inputs to raise selected varieties of delicious tasting exotic crops.


Established in Los Osos in 1982, Swift Subtropicals is an Organic Grower of delicious tasting exotic crops. The unique microclimate of the secluded Clark Valley allows specialty crops to thrive.

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Roaming across 600 Acres on Bear Creek Ranch is a herd of free-range Longhorn Angus Cross Cattle for beef production.

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The Skyhouse

With breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the ancient volcanic range of the Seven Sisters; the home has five bedrooms, is 4000 square feet with spacious rooms, numerous decks and sleeps up to 16. There is an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, billiards table, professional kitchen, an eclectic global art collection, a fireplace stocked with wood, a fresh basket of our organically grown fruits and veggies that awaits you.

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The Swift Family

The ranch is family run with three children that were born and raised on the ranch. At times, they live in the old ranch headquarters at the end of the valley and are growing organic crops, working the farmers markets and helping to manage the overall ranch operation. It is likely they will be your guides.
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